North Of The Equator Of Youth

26. Just a number.?

Birthday hit's & FLASHBACK, remember your sophomore?year of high school? 
You just started your first job. You met Mandi; she was a great kisser. 
Bit of a struggle, you decided something had to change. Minimum wage sucks.

16.5 SSG So-n-So you met at Walmart says you should join the Army. 
You literally put up no fight, SIGN ME UP BRO.?

17.5 This is a mistake. 
I'm leaving home; I'm leaving everything. 
I have nothing, and I should go.

18.5 I just got here, ACU's are so stiff. 
What? Are we going to war already?

19.5 Wow. War sucks. Depressed AF. 
Death may be an upgrade. 
I'm not reenlisting. 
1 N Done. Promise.

20.5 She's got short hair, pale, skinny, freckles n a cute giggle. 
Totally faked the hypnotism on the first date but great excuse to get that kiss. 
We should get married.

21.5 What a quick divorce. 
I'm... Less than a year... 
Only a year before I am out. 
What do I do? Where?

22.5 I'm too old for college. 
Why am I in college? I'm broke and unhappy. 
I'll just become a contractor.

23.5 Freedom, it feels good. The world is big. I want to see it all. 
I want to stay free, me my dog on a v twin. 
So cliche. 
Easy Rider was a great flick.

24.5 I'm basically 25. What have I done? What have I seen? 
I'm no millionaire; I'm not Arnold. 
Something needs to change. 

26. Habits. Just keep consistent. Push harder, toss ego. 
6 months and you'll be a pig farmer in Subic?bay. 
Is it weird to bang 18 yr olds now??

Just a number. Carry on.

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