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When I travel, I tend to take risks. I’ll go drinking in the worst part of town; I’ll go into the forests with a complete stranger to go exploring. I haven’t been kidnapped yet, but I have definitely experienced my fair share of fights and gnarly injuries.

Key factors to consider when selecting insurance:

Price – You shouldn’t be paying over 80 USD a month if you’re healthy.

What countries are covered?  Not all countries will be covered depending on your plan.

Can you add a travel companion or children to your plan?
Consider this if your partner or children don’t have their own contract.

Can I purchase while I am already abroad? 
Some Insurers only provide plans if you haven’t left your home country yet.

How long is the coverage for? Albeit you may plan on a 2-week trip, you should always add a few extra weeks. Just like any other aspect of life, traveling can be unpredictable.

Is it easy to file a claim or reach out for assistance?
Some companies avoid paying out claims by building intrusive our outdated processes. Be sure to look into it they offer a comprehensive and straightforward online system and 24/h call center.

Sport & Scooter Insurance should be covered as well. When you’re traveling, exercise or motorcycles can feel casual but may be some of the most dangerous activities you experience.

But let’s step back a second, even if you don’t live life on the edge, you should be cautious while traveling, I can’t even count how many times I’ve been in a completely unexpected life-threatening event. You could be walking down the street tasting the street food, just to get food poisoning, and find yourself with huge medical costs for antibiotics or suffer a more serious infection/ injury. All of this is possible and happens to people around the world daily.

Everyone knows about the importance of owning trip insurance. It not only protects you from accidents, and other dangerous occurrences, but also provides security to your loved ones and reassures your piece of mind. Whether it be life insurance, car insurance, or the likes, we buy protection policies for all the things we love.

There is one time, however, that we overlook protecting ourselves from any possible disasters that may happen. This mistake is when we refuse to, or do not know about, purchasing single trip insurance or multi-trip insurance policies when going abroad.

It may seem like a waste of money to the average person, but the wise always prevail, and they know of and are prepared for, any setbacks that may come their way.

Travel trip insurance does not just protect your life. It also protects you from such annoyances as loss of baggage, and even flight or other travel delays. Failure to heed to this can result in not only several different annoyances but can lead to more consequential things.


If there is anything we learn as we age, it is that life almost never goes as planned, and will almost always throw us a curveball. Just because life may try to keep us down, however, does not mean we cannot be prepared to fight back.

Single trip travel insurance does not just protect you from the obvious and minor accident. In the case serious harm may come to you during your journey, especially in regions that may be known for geological disasters, travel insurance will assist in paying for your health and getting you the best care available in the country of your stay.

Similarly, we may never want to think of the fact, but the death of a loved one whilst abroad on a traveling trip is more common than you think. It is so common that there are even books are written about it, including the famous “The Gentleman of San Francisco.” Single trip travel insurance not only provides protection in case of this event but will also pay for the repatriation of your loved one’s remains.


In most countries, people over 60 travel more than people in their 20s. I can’t say I am surprised because they are generally retired and have more free time. I am sure as hell jealous, though! Because older people travel more, that is just more of a reason mature people should get travel insurance for seniors. Now, some companies do charge more for travel insurance for the elderly but it can save your life, if not, at least, your wallet.

I’d suggest STAinsurance for cheap travel insurance for seniors.

Trip Insurance

Before you go and cancel all of your travel plans and decide to live at home for the rest of your life, buying single trip travel insurance doesn’t just protect you, but also your sanity.

When buying the best travel insurance, you will be prepared for any unexpected event, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your travels around the world. And if an accident does occur, not only will you have the solution already planned, but the insurance will be with you every step of the way, ensuring the best recovery and treatment for you and your loved ones.

Personally, I don’t want my fellow tramps to suffer while they’re traveling. That’s why I’ll give you all some of the most valuable advice you’ll ever get before you buy that plane ticket.

Don’t worry fellow Tramps, you know I am all about saving pennies and dimes, it’s cheap, I have spent anywhere between 15 to 200 dollars for travel trip insurance for backpackers and the one time I have had to use it, it was when I needed antibiotics in Taiwan and the hospital I was in charged me 14,000 dollars for them. Luckily the long term trip insurance covered it.

I use STA Travel because they are straightforward on their policies, they include most of the world, and I can maintain my account online with ease. When you find good to go trip insurance, you stick with it.


By the way, if you have any crazy stories to share that made you wish you had insurance, post them in the comment area below!
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