Vromage Vegan Cheese Review

Vromage Vegan Cheese Review
The tastiest surprise

There I was, waiting to have my first experience at the Laugh Factory off of Sunset Blvd in the heart of Hollywood. But, with 45 minutes or so to spare, we (me and my fellow tramp Alyssa) decided to take a stroll around Sunset. If you look directly across the street in front of the Laugh Factory, there’s a shopping center that doesn’t stand out much except for the Ferrari parked next to the smoke shop and since we were in L.A. that didn’t surprise me too much but nevertheless gave me a car boner. We decide to check out the shopping center and browse around for a minute or two, after carousing a smoke shop we finally catch Vromage vegan cheese minutes before closing.

Here’s my first impression. Once you enter you may think you’ve just entered a classy restaurant because beside you on both sides are tablets set with napkins and wine glasses. Further ahead is the Cheese bar, with just enough but not too much of exactly what we were looking for. “Fromage” or for the less French “Cheese”.

We’re greeted by Youssef, the owner of the shop. He welcomes us with a surprised smile and inquires us about how we came across him. After I told him that I have never heard of Vromage and didn’t even know they exclusively sold Vegan Cheese, his eyes lit up! He then explains his surprise, apparently, Vromage Vegan Cheese is THE Vegan cheese of L.A. and if you are a caring human being, you order his cheese for your favorite people or you hide it for yourself. Youssef tells us a bit of his cheesy history and also tells us how he feels any cheese connoisseur needs a good taste before even considering a purchase. I couldn’t agree more. The first cheese on my list was the Vegan Goat Cheese, he wasn’t surprised by my choice; in fact, he was suspicious of my decision. He gave me and Alyssa a good taste and then enlightened me on the fact his Vegan Goat Cheese is so popular that it has its own waiting list! My taste buds felt equally robbed and titillated! The Cheese doesn’t attempt to fool you, it invites you in for a good talk and explains its uniqueness, bold taste, and texture. This Cheese is no imitation, it is the real McCoy. Youssef creates his cheese with love and cares with the goal of creating something true in itself. To any of you who are searching for a cheap imitation of animal-based cheese, head over to Walmart.

After tasting just about every cheese on the counter and my taste buds and brain is confused about what to choose to take home. I settle with the Veganzolla; he gifts me with free French bread and bids us a farewell. I have to say that this was the warmest hello and goodbye I will ever receive from a Cheese man.

I give Vromage a solid 5/5. Every cheesy review will be dwarfed in comparison to Vromage.

In Summation: Vromage is intelligent, it is bold. Vromage is the Vegans answer to great cheese. This artist is literally a one-man Army. I would say Vromage gives fromage a run for its money, watch out France.

Check him out!

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